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Press Coverage - 05/20/20

Better Together: ‘Hunger At Home’ Chefs, Hotel Execs Give Food To Unemployed Hospitality, Food Workers

Thousands of families have lost their jobs due to the statewide shelter in place to stop the spread of coronavirus. Hotel and restaurant workers have been hit the hardest. Now, some of those folks, and others, are finally getting some help.

Hundreds of cars lined up for free food, meals prepared by the San Jose non-profit, ‘Hunger at Home.’

“As you can see, there’s cars lined up since 7 a.m. this morning for an 11 a.m. distribution,” explains CEO and Founder Ewell Sterner. “Hunger at Home partners with about eight executive chefs, hospitality executives from throughout our normal (operation). Our normal operation is that we work with Levi, Fairmount, Marriot and hotels and stadiums.”

When the hotel and restaurant world collapsed, they were left holding millions of pounds of food. Hunger at Home collected that food and is making it available to the workers, and anyone else who lost their jobs.