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Food Rescue

Have you ever attended a large banquet at a hotel or watched your favorite team at a sports stadium? If so, you’ve probably seen piles of leftover food and may have wondered what happens to it.

This is where Hunger at Home comes in — through our business partnerships with convention centers, hotels, stadiums and entertainment venues Hunger at Home channels extra food to homeless shelters and meal centers operated by our nonprofit partners.

This translates to tons of delicious, nutritious food getting in the mouths of the thousands of hungry people in Silicon Valley. Hunger and homelessness are ever present challenges faced by many in our community. In 2019, Santa Clara County saw a 31% increase in homelessness over the last two years. This doesn’t even account for thousands of hungry children, seniors and community members who are housed but don’t have money to buy groceries and pay the rent.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a business partner with Hunger at Home, please contact us.

Food Distribution

Responding to food insecurity within the community is what we do. Through our network of talented chefs, passionate volunteers, and incredible partners, we make sure that nutritious food gets to those facing food insecurity in our community.

COVID-19 and skyrocketing inflation has brought a new urgency to the fight against hunger, with 1 in 4 people in Silicon Valley in need of food assistance. Because every person in need has a unique situation, we provide food in several ways...

Hunger at Home Connects

Hunger at Home Connects is a hospitality and culinary arts training program for community members, ages 17 and older, and clients from many of our nonprofit partners. This program works to break the cycle of poverty and underemployment by providing professional and vocational training as well as job placement support to at-risk populations in our community.

Participants receive culinary, hospitality and life-skills training needed to secure a job in the hospitality and food service industry. When participants complete the 10-week program, Hunger at Home helps place all graduates into jobs within the hospitality industry at one of our prequalified business partners.

In the ongoing effort to keep the training relevant to the industry standards and practices, pandemic relevant training and best practices are incorporated into all training.

We are accepting applications for our upcoming cohort. Apply today to get started on a career path in Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Full Circle Catering

Full Circle Catering & Events was founded as a social enterprise to aid Hunger at Home's mission of providing food to those suffering from food insecurity in our community. Our chefs and hospitality professionals are some of the best in the industry and will provide an amazing experience from start to finish. With fully customizable menus, event options, and services, Full Circle is a top tier catering company.

Proceeds from Full Circle go to help support other programs of Hunger at Home. By choosing Full Circle Catering, you're not only getting top notch catering. You are supporting our mission of feeding those in need. To put it simply - catering with a side of good.