Catering With a Side of Good.

The meal you’re eating today from Full Circle Catering is not only a delicious chef prepared meal, but it also helps to feed people who are food insecure in our community

How does that work?

Full Circle Catering & Events is a Social Enterprise of Hunger at Home which is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit with the mission to connect nutritious food to those facing food insecurity. All proceeds from Full Circle Catering go directly back into Hunger at Home and feeding people.

Together we can help.

1 in 4 people in Silicon Valley are food insecure. What is food insecurity? According to the USDA, low food security is reduced quality and variety of diet. Very low food security is people with disrupted eating patterns and reduced food intake. Hunger at Home is working to solve this problem and Full Circle Catering is a part of it. Feel good that the food you’re eating today will help feed others!

Order Catering and help provide food security to the community.

Full Circle Catering can provide distinguished catering for every occasion and function. Our menu features a range of delectable options that can fulfill your specific needs, preferences, and tastes. From innovative signature dishes to classic favorites, we use fresh and locally sourced ingredients that take full advantage of the bounty that the amazing Bay Area offers.

By choosing Full Circle Catering & Events, you become a part of Hunger at Home’s mission.

Learn more about Full Circle Catering and menu options on our website.

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