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Press Coverage - 03/29/23

Celebrating a Milestone: Hunger at Home and DoorDash Deliver 70,000th Meal in Community Effort

In March, we reached an exciting milestone at Hunger at Home. Through innovative partnerships with DoorDash, the San Jose Earthquakes, and the City of San Jose, we delivered our 70,000th meal through our Project DASH program, which had been running for less than nine months.

Utilizing DoorDash’s delivery logistics, the parking lot of PayPal Park for distribution, and the City of San Jose’s support, we increased food distribution by 200%. Now, individuals and families who are unable to participate in our community drive-through distribution can have groceries and nutritious prepared meals delivered directly to their doors.

We held a press conference which included our CEO Ewell Sterner, San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan, Sueli Shaw, the Head of Social Impact at DoorDash, and Earthquakes President Jared Shawlee. The conference was held to celebrate and commemorate the partnerships and this milestone.

Mayor Matt Mahan spoke at the event, stating, “I’m excited to be here to celebrate really innovative partnerships that show when government, the nonprofit sector, and the private sector come together, we can do amazing things leveraging our unique strengths.”

Our CEO, Ewell Sterner, highlighted that the reach of our partnership goes beyond numbers. Our shared mission allows us to cater to seniors, individuals with disabilities, and families whose work or childcare obligations may prevent them from accessing our weekly drive-through distribution. This way, we ensure that our services reach those who need them most.

This momentous occasion caught the attention of several local media outlets, being featured in television, online news articles, and print:

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March 28, 2023 Online:

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