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Press Coverage - 07/09/21

Efforts to seek more housing for Santa Clara County’s farm workers gains ground

To help feed farmworkers and their families, Hunger at Home will be donating food and groceries.

Hunger at Home partners with local convention centers, hotels, and sports stadiums to collect excess food to distribute to those in need.

“We’ve been concentrating on feeding them and it seems so appropriate because they’re the ones who have been making our lives so much better for so long.”

Assemblymember Roberto Rivas, who represents California’s 30th District, which includes parts of Santa Clara County with the cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill, has been able to allocate $50 million towards the Joe Serna Farmworker Grant.

The program funds to support housing for farmworkers and their families living in rural areas.

“I was raised by immigrant farmworkers, I grew up in farmworker housing, so I’ve always known the incredibly hard work that our farm and agricultural workers have done each and every day,” said Rivas.

“Certainly we need to do more in this space to ensure that we are providing dignified affordable housing for such an essential workforce that keeps us fed, not only our state, but our country fed,” Rivas added.

“We need to do more for them to ensure agriculture remains productive and that we do everything we can to ensure we achieve a sustainable food supply system and that begins with a healthy housed workforce.”