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Press Coverage - 11/26/20

San Jose Mercury News: Here’s what I’m grateful for on Thanksgiving in 2020

Let’s not beat around the bush: This has been a lousy year. First, there was COVID-19, which took lives and brought economic and emotional turmoil. Then the statewide wildfires, which took lives and homes and left us gasping for breath, and the Black Lives Matter protests, where free speech seemed at times to be under siege. And just when we thought it was safe to go back to a restaurant, COVID swung back around and sent us all back home. And there’s no toilet paper anywhere. Again.

But in spite of it all, there are still reasons to be thankful, even this year. As a family, we’ve been fortunate — able to work from home and make sure our kids have the technology and attention to get through distance learning. We’ve also been healthy so far, though our kids are probably sick of being around their parents all day long.