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June 10, 2021, 4:00 PM
SB-1383 Informational Webinar

Food waste is both a humanitarian and environmental concern. Our challenge should not be how to grow more food, but how to feed more people while wasting less of what we already produce. California Senate Bill 1383 (SB-1383) is a statewide effort that will take effect in 2022 and is designed to reduce organic waste and rescue edible food for human consumption. This webinar will discuss the value of SB-1383 and provide businesses and individuals with an overview on legislation timelines and goals, discuss how to comply with regulations partnering with Hunger at Home and other food recovery organizations, and noncompliance fines and violations.

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Our expert panel of speakers includes:


Louise Bruce

Director, Zero Waste & Emergency Operations


Robin Franz Martin

Executive Director, Silicon Valley Food Recovery


Louie Pellegrini

President, Mission Trail Waste System